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Empanelled as consultant NGO with NABCONS -a wholly owned subsidiary of NABARD (National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development)
Adopt a village- 20 villages, 6000 people- Digital Empowerment Campaign 2017

Volunteer with us

Volunteers are important part of our community. Be a part of our team and give your time, skills, voice or whatever you can.
Are you interested in the work we do?
Do you want to contribute to the effort in your own time?

If yes, kindly email your resume and preference given below at coordinator@krdwg.in

1. SMO: Social media optimization to enhance online visibility of KRDWG events
2. Write for Us! We welcome guest contributors to our various blogs
3. Be part of our Publication Team!
4. Help us in our outreach programs at conferences and campaigns


We Need Your Voice...
Knowledge Resource Development & Welfare Group is committed to advocating for inclusive and sustainable growth. Help us raise awareness about the reality of highly skewed growth and social development. Advocate for the changes that help inclusive growth and development.
Advocacy means taking a stand by raising your voice, raising awareness and rallying for change. If you're willing to speak up for others, ask for change and work to draw attention to the issue of development for all

Join KRDWG's Advocacy Team! Email us your resume at secretary@krdwg.in

Be a Part of KRDWG Family

Advantage Corporate/Institutional Partner

» Corporate/Institutional promotion across the Country and Trans border
» Corporate/Institutional promotion across diverse segments
» Corporate/Institutional logo will be displayed on main stage KRDWG banners (in all events of KRDWG)
» Corporate/Institutional promotional material will be inserted in KRDWG kit/folder given to delegates (in all events of KRDWG)
» Corporate/Institutional Logo will be placed on KRDWG website (Hit rate: 3000 per month across the globe) with a link to the Corporate website
» Special mention in all publications of KRDWG
» 50% waiver of registration fee for two delegates (in all events of KRDWG)
» 25% discount at corporate level in all paid events of KRDWG
» KRDWG events at corporate/Institution site on no profit no loss basis
» Opportunity to undertake Joint Corporate and Govt. Projects

Advantage Life Associate

» The privilege of membership of one of the KRDWG's Committees.
» Opportunity to be a part of paid Corporate and Govt. projects undertaken by KRDWG.
» 40% waiver of registration fee for two delegates (in all events of KRDWG)

Advantage Associate

» Opportunity to be a part of paid Corporate and Govt. projects undertaken by KRDWG.
» 25% waiver of registration fee (in all events of KRDWG)
» Certificate of Participation in events like Seminars, Conferences and Workshops.

Advantage Student

(i) Opportunity to participate in national and international events organized by KRDWG as student delegates. Student members are exempted from registration fee or any other charge in these events.
The events are the ideal platform to have quality interaction with Corporate Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Senior Executives and luminaries from Government, Academia, Research Organizations, NGOs etc. in events organized by KRDWG.
(ii)Opportunity to be part of organizing committee of KRDWG national and international events.
(iii)Opportunity to work with KRDWG on its projects whenever commissioned.
(iv) Opportunity to initiate and implement socially relevant programs in their own local areas with active support from KRDWG knowledge pool and its network.
(v) Opportunity to be part of KRDWG student editorial team of KRD Publications.

Categories Admission Fee (one time)   Annual fee (every year)

Corporate/Institutional Partner

Rs. 40,000/- + Rs. 5,000/-
Life Associate Rs. 25,000/- + Rs. 2,000/-
Associate Rs. 5,000/- + Rs. 1,000/-
Student Rs. 500/- + Rs. 200/-

Corporate/ Institutional Partner
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Nature of Business
Year of Establishment
Organizational Head Name
Address (Corporate Office)
Phone No.*
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Life Associate/ Associate
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